“Tribute to the Mont Blanc” Collection

Jun 06 2011
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Montblanc honours Europe’s iconic summit and its namesake with a collection of writing instruments, jewellery and leather goods

Dominating the European continent, few natural milestones have fascinated generations like the imposing Mont Blanc. Since the brand was founded over a century ago, Montblanc has been associated with Europe’s highest summit, using the mystical mountain’s name as its own. The six glaciers and peak of the majestic mountain or “Montblanc star” has become the brand’s logo and is widely recognized as a symbol of Montblanc’s commitment to excellence, exclusivity, enduring quality.

Montblanc is now honoring Europe’s most impressive peak with the introduction of the “Tribute to Mont Blanc” Collection which not only features a unique interpretation of the iconic Meisterstück Writing Instrument in snow white but a selection of jewellery and leather pieces for both men and women. Celebrating the natural beauty of the Mont Blanc, the collection has been crafted using different stones and materials, reflecting the snow, ice and rocky surfaces that make up Europe’s snowy summit. Every design detail and the intricate craftsmanship of each piece will reflect the spirit and magnitude of the Mont Blanc.

With the “Tribute to the Mont Blanc” initiative, Montblanc provides support to the activities of “Pro Mont Blanc”, an international non-profit group uniting a number of environmental-related associations, clubs, and other entities. Their aim - under the aegis of “Pro Mont Blanc - is to protect the massif through a variety of projects, one of which includes obtaining UNESCO World Heritage status for the mountain – a goal also dear to Montblanc.

Meisterstück ‘’Tribute to the Mont Blanc’’
While the ergonomic shape of the original design has been maintained, the Meisterstück ‘’Tribute to the Mont Blanc’’ has been masterfully and dramatically transformed from its distinctive black to a pure white lacquer paying tribute to the snow of the mountain: White for eternity. Furthermore, the Montblanc emblem at the top of the cap has been crafted from snow quartz to reflect the glaciers of the Montblanc Massif and its eternal ice. The platinum plated forefront of the writing instrument has been delicately engraved with the impressive panorama of the Montblanc Massif, with each peak named.

“Tribute to the Mont Blanc” Leather Accessories
The symbolic and pure white of the Mont Blanc glaciers is also the inspiration behind the collection’s accessories crafted from the finest imprinted white leather. The organizer, the ladies’ purse, men’s wallet and pen case have all been lined with jacquard leather to complete the luxurious look and feel of these pieces. Without a doubt, the radiant white colour of the leather makes a clear statement and contrasts sharply with the black leather used in the traditional Meisterstück collections.

“Tribute to the Mont Blanc” Jewellery Collections
Montblanc is introducing “Tribute to the Mont Blanc” pieces across its Men’s Fine Jewellery, Men’s Classic and Ladies’ Silver Jewellery Collections. The pieces have been designed to embody the bold presence of the Mont Blanc while using finer details to capture the mountain’s mystical side. Like the formidable peak, Montblanc has a meaningful story to tell.

The different materials used convey the beauty of the Mont Blanc. For women’s pieces: milky quartz like the snow-covered summit of the glacier, vibrant blue lace agate like the sky above, translucent rose quartz like the blossoming of Alpine roses. For men’s collections: stainless steel or platinum featuring intriguing dome-shaped hard stones in either black onyx or white opaque howlite, adorned with a 0.06ct Montblanc Diamond on each peak. With this unusual combination,  Montblanc marries the boldness of mountain stone with the luxury of fine diamonds.

The Collection marries classic design with a contemporary twist. Just like the Mont Blanc – an unpredictable force, these pieces reflect the aesthetics of the mountain: they are bold and strong but will surprise with their unconventional details.

The Montblanc ‘’Tribute to the Mont Blanc’’ Collection will be available in Montblanc boutiques worldwide from June 1st 2011


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