Montblanc Donation Pen honouring Classical Conductors 2012: Johannes Brahms

May 03 2012
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Montblancʼs Homage to the Great Romantic Genius

His exceptional talent for musical expression and his outstanding contribution to the evolution of composition place Brahms for posterity alongside Bach and Beethoven in the great canon of classical composers in 2012. Montblanc pays tribute to the great virtuoso of the Romantic era with the creation of the Donation Pen Johannes Brahms Special Edition. From his humble origins, Johannes Brahms (1833 – 1897) rose to worldwide acclaim as a major composer, conductor and concert pianist. While maintaining musical traditions, he was an innovator in melody and harmony, leaving behind an impressive catalogue of works including concertos, symphonies, choral works and chamber music, which remain classical favourites today.

The overall design of this Special Edition reflects the style of the composerʼs music: traditionalist yet pioneering and inventive. The handcrafted Montblanc masterpiece is complemented by details inspired by the fascinating world of classical music to which Brahms dedicated his life. The cap and barrel of the writing instrument are made of black precious resin enhanced with platinumplated fittings. The clip shaped like a tuning fork and the five lines of a music staff decorating the cap bring to mind the excitement of his symphony scores and orchestras tuning up before a performance.

Brahms had a reputation for destroying many of his compositions or never publishing them if he felt they did not achieve the standards of perfection he set for himself. Just like the Romantic composer, Montblanc always strives for perfection. As a mark of its uncompromising quality and craftsmanship, the iconic Montblanc emblem crowns the writing instrument, while the cap is
elegantly engraved with Brahmsʼ signature.

Not only was Brahms an exceptional composer, putting pen to paper to create memorable melodies, he also wrote beautiful words. He found a loyal supporter in both Robert Schumann and his wife Clara, a celebrated concert pianist with whom he shared a special bond. Their tender letters reveal a close lifelong friendship that often found expression in Brahmsʼ compositions. In keeping with this tradition of correspondence, the Donation Pen has been crafted with care to
serve a lifetime of personal expression with the handcrafted, rhodium-plated 14 K gold nib, decorated with a dove of peace: the sign of love and peace found on all Donation Pens.

To complete the classical music experience, each Johannes Brahms Special Edition is accompanied by a tuning fork: a vital tool that guides a musician with its perfect pitch or tone through the maze of musical notes.

Brahms – the patron of young musicians and composers

In his lifetime, Brahms became one of the greatest cultural figures, earning numerous formal awards by the time of his death in 1897. However, he was not content with fame alone and dedicated time in assisting young composers at the start of their career, just as Richard Schumann had done for him.

With its rich heritage of commitment to arts patronage, Montblanc shares Brahmsʼ passion for talent and his sense of duty in supporting generations of emerging artists worldwide. For decades, Montblanc has nurtured artistic talent across multiple disciplines including art, theatre, opera and classical music. With the purchase of each Donation Pen Johannes Brahms Special Edition, 20 Euros from the fountain pen and 10 Euros from the ballpoint pen or rollerball will be donated to carefully selected cultural projects relating to classical music, thus supporting young artists worldwide and carrying on the heritage left behind by Brahms.

The Montblanc Donation Pen Johannes Brahms Special Edition is available as Fountain Pen, Rollerball and Ballpoint Pen in all Montblanc Boutiques from May 2012.


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