Montblanc 4810

Apr 11 2012
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A delicate, contemporary spirit pervades Montblanc's best-selling jewellery collection

In May 2012, Montblanc will build on the enduring success of its Montblanc 4810 Collection of ladies' fine jewellery with the launch of an array of enticing new designs.

The leitmotif of Montblanc 4810 is the celebrated Montblanc star, its six points representing the six snow-covered glaciers on the summit of the Mont Blanc. Montblanc's distinctive rounded interpretation of the six-point star naturally lent itself to the sensuously curved rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in the existing collection, which is now enriched with 24 new designs, including dazzlingly modern pieces such as hoop earrings, pendants and amulet bracelets – the quintessence of luxury for every day.

A new light, contemporary spirit pervades the Montblanc 4810 Collection with designs as delicate as snowflakes in pure white or romantic pink gold. Among the highlights: star-shaped rings more slender than any so far, intricately paved with diamonds by Montblanc's master craftsmen; pendants, large and small, with the diamond-paved Montblanc star dangling – instantly recognizable – from a feminine chain that caresses the skin; fine chain bracelets on which the star, pure in pink gold or with diamonds pavé, becomes an amulet, a lucky charm never to be left behind; spectacular hoop earrings with the Montblanc star, diamond-paved or plain, describing a graceful arc to flatter a woman's neck.

In each and every piece, the art of Montblanc is at work: flawless craftsmanship in the shaping and polishing of the gold, in the selection and setting of the diamonds, attaining the summit of perfection that is the birthright of Montblanc 4810.

Alongside these new designs, Montblanc proudly presents an entirely new variation on the emblematic theme of the star: the Montblanc 4810 Star Pavé Collection. In one respect, this new capsule takes the opposite direction to the original collection: whereas Montblanc 4810 plays mainly on the outline of the star, leaving the centre empty, Star Pavé fills the void in the most glamorous way possible – with diamonds pavé in different carat sizes to dazzle and delight the eye. Like precious snowflakes, the sparkling gems seem suspended, weightless, within the silhouette of the Montblanc star, which is delicately defined in white or pink gold.

In another respect, however, Star Pavé is unmistakeably affiliated to Montblanc 4810: each of its six pieces reflects the desire of modern women for striking designs that are, at the same time, easy to wear. Thus, dainty ear studs in diamond-paved white or pink gold subtly illuminate the face with their sparkle; the diamond-filled star on a delicate chain necklace irresistibly draws the eye; an amulet bracelet sensuously encircles the wrist, its tiny diamond-paved star constantly reminding the wearer of a special occasion or a treasured memory. Effortlessly glamorous, discreetly luxurious, the Montblanc 4810 Star Pavé Collection is a dazzling way to celebrate every day.

The Montblanc 4810 Collection extension and Montblanc 4810 Star Pavé Collection will be available from May 2012 in Montblanc boutiques worldwide.


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