The Montblanc House: Staircase

An Introduction to Montblanc

Sep 01 2013 | Founded in Hamburg in 1906 by three businessmen who set out to perfect the design of the newly invented fountain pen, Montblanc has been synonymous with finely crafted writing instruments for more than a century.



Sep 01 2013 | In 1906, two German businessmen – Alfred Nehemias, a merchant from Hamburg, and August Eberstein, an engineer from Berlin – returned from a trip to the United States. There, they had been fascinated by a new invention: the fountain pen.



Sep 01 2013 | Facts & Figures about Montblanc



Sep 01 2013 | The heart and soul of European craftsmanship – this is what Montblanc has embodied for more than a century, first at its writing instruments manufacture in Hamburg and now also at its two watchmaking workshops in Switzerland, its leather goods manufacture in Florence and its design studio in Paris.


The History of Montblanc

Sep 05 2011 |

A chronological view from 1906 to 2013 on the company's history of Montblanc.