10 years Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection

Feb 02 2012
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Presenting Montblanc Target Orange 2010 by EVA & ADELE


The engagement with the arts and artists has been embedded in Montblanc’s corporate philosophy for a long time. In regard to this, Montblanc began to build a contemporary art collection ten years ago. The works from the collection are displayed in the entire cooperation’s facilities: offices, hallways, the production department and, of course, in the newly designed foyer at the headquarters in Hamburg. Regular tours are offered and guided by artists and art historians for the employees, which is keeping the art on display alive. In 1998, Montblanc started negotiations with artists and galleries and in 2002 Montblanc presented the first work by US artist Tom Sachs. Sachs considered it as a challenge to interpret the Montblac star, the emblem of the long-established company, and create the first commissioned work. Since then, the collection expanded to 160 unique artworks including works by Thomas Demand, Liam Gillick, Jonathan Meese, Sylvie Fleury, Jorge Pardo, Ugo
Rondinone, Michel Majerus, Lijun Fang. Many of the artists were considered as Cutting Edge at the time they were commissioned – in other words, just at the edge of becoming well known. Today, they claim international recognition and continue a close relationship with the company. To view the brand through the eyes of internationally renowned artists and with that also perceive it undergo a contemporary interpretation is a privilege Montblanc is enjoying to get new impulses for their own work. The collection is also accessible to the public with guided tours.


On occasion of the 10th anniversary of the collection, the Montblanc Cultural Foundation presents the newest commission for the collection: MONTBLANC TARGET ORANGE, 2010, by EVA & ADELE will be presented in the newly designed foyer of the Montblanc Headquarters in Hamburg on the 31st of January 2012. The artists will be present. Every guest attending the event will receive a signed and limited edition of MONTBLANC TARGET ORANGE, 2010.

The basis of the Target Series, which includes the artwork for Montblanc, is a complex merge of drawings on paper. MONTBLANC TARGET ORANGE comprises 31 single drawings made with coloured pencils, Montblanc ink and pen and real pinfeather. Another coating is layered by unregularly spread varnish strips. All strips merge in the center of the image – in the so called FUTURING, this allows the association with a Star or a target. On top, the outline of the artist duo’s heads is placed which – due to its recognition value – almost functions as a logo. In another step of the process, the combined drawings that lie beneath are reconstructed with oil paint directly from the tube - a step in which a concealing while equally disclosing moment is resting. The web of lines creates a very own sculptural image plane together with the Montblanc star. The star lies over the target construction as the last layer and functions in the structure as a further logo.

EVA & ADELE have been using Montblanc ink and pens for many years; this is why MONTBLANC TARGET ORANGE is not only a consequent continuation of the working methods of the artists but also a dedication to the tools and materials created by the penciling hand.


The MONTBLANC CULTURAL FOUNDATION initiates and supports worldwide projects since 1992 in the contemporary arts, young theatre and classical music. The emphasis is on the funding of young artist and the awarding of the MONTBLANC DE LA CULTURE ARTS PATRONAGE AWARD to maecenas in 12 different countries, the collaboration with cultural and social institutions and the integration of arts and culture in the own corporation through the MONTBLANC CUTTING EDGE ART COLLECTION and other associated cultural corporate activities.

The MONTBLANC CUTTING EDGE ART COLLECTION is growing constantly. The MONTBLANC YOUNG ARTIST WORLD PATRONAGE project is an addition since 2005 to the collection. Young artist who are standing at the beginning of their careers are being chosen and offered to interpret the Montblanc logo. Reproductions of the works are then being displayed in all 410 Montblanc Boutiques around the world. This guarantees the young artists a unique attention and visibility.

During the growth of the collection, six unique objects were created in 2002: on the occasion of the opening of the Montblanc Flagship Boutique on the Champs Elysées in Paris, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Sylvie Fleury, Gary Hume, David LaChapelle, Sam Taylor-Wood and Anne et Patrick Poirier each created a three meter high shopping bag sculpture made of aluminum and each imprinted with a design created by the artists. These MONTBLANC ART travel around the world and have already been presented at art events, in front of Montblanc Flagship Boutiques and in remarkable surroundings - The Rockefeller Center in New York, on Martin Place in Sidney, at the Waterfront in Cape Town or on Bond Street in London. Creating unforgettable works of art and presenting art to the public in an unusual way is a challenge for both the artists and for Montblanc. The MONTBLANC ART BAG project was continued with a seventh sculpture by Marcel van Eeden in 2011. On time for the tenth anniversary of the CUTTING EDGE ART COLLECTION, Montblanc is presenting three new MONTBLANC ART BAGS, created by the internationally renowned Chinese artists Zou Cao, Ma Jun and Huang Min. These will soon be displayed in Peking outside the newest and biggest Montblanc Flagship Boutique worldwide.


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